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English translation
1. To perceive by the ear; receive an impression of through the auditory sense; take cognizance of by harkening.

2. To pay regard to by listening; give ear to; give audience to; mark and consider what is said by; listen to for the purpose of learning, awarding, judging, determining, etc.

3. To listen to understandingly; learn or comprehend by harkening ; hence, to learn by verbal statement or report.
Imperative example
Shona English
inzwa hear (singular)
inzwai hear (plural)
Simple future tense example
Shona English
Ndicha inzwa I will hear
ucha inzwa you will hear (singular)
mucha inzwa you will hear (plural)
acha inzwa he/she will hear
ticha inzwa we will hear
vacha inzwa they will hear
chicha inzwa it will hear
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