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Originating with the Shona people of Zimbabwe and western Mozambique, Shona stands as a significant Bantu language. Within Shona's rich tapestry, you'll discover diverse regional dialects such as Zezuru, Karanga, Manyika, and Korekore. Among these, Zezuru takes prominence in written Shona due to the economic hub of the Shona region, Harare, being nestled within a Zezuru territory.

The VaShona Project stands as a dedicated endeavor, aiming to encompass all variations of Shona words within its Dictionary. However, as a bridge between cultures, we understand the importance of effective communication. Therefore, we've taken a thoughtful approach by spotlighting the most widely spoken and prominent Shona word variants as our default translations.

Embark on a linguistic journey with us, exploring the richness of the Shona language through our comprehensive Dictionary and Translator.

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  • benderera316
  • zviremba308
  • swo249
  • zwe240
  • mbwo235
  • gwo230
  • mhindupindu204
  • Ngwo185
  • tswe180
  • chihoro175