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Welcome to the VaShona Project Lexicon Hub, your gateway to linguistic exploration. Within our digital realm, two distinct word lists await your discovery: the Shona word list (set as default) and the English word list. Engaging with these lists is effortless—simply choose the Shona radio selection for the Shona word list, or opt for the English radio selection to access the English word list.

About Us::

Embedded within this treasury of language are a remarkable 100,559 distinct Shona words. We're committed to keeping our resources current, with our most recent update occurring on Monday, September 4, 2023 at 4:33:12 PM GMT-04:00

Diverse Dialects::

This Shona Dictionary mirrors the intricate tapestry of Shona dialects. Our database embraces the linguistic richness of Budya, Chirungu (Afrikaans, English, and Portuguese), Karanga, Korekore, Manyika, Nguni (Ndebele), Standard Shona, Tonga, and Zezuru dialects.

Special Notation::

As a unique facet of the VaShona Project, we employ the grave accent, `, in place of the conventional single quotation mark, ' , in our spellings. For instance, the Shona entry for "N'anga" is rendered as "N`anga" within our system.

Unveiling Word Origins::

Within this Shona Language Dictionary, we showcase the very roots of Shona words. Our approach preserves the purity of roots, unencumbered by modifiers. For instance, the English word "my's" roots in Shona as "angu"; within Shona's intricate noun class system, "angu" metamorphoses into various forms based on noun class, such as "{ch angu, ..., zvangu}." This principled approach extends to transformed verbs as well..

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