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  • verb
  • dialects/origins: Karanga, Korekore, Manyika, Zezuru
English translation
  1. To invoke or pronounce a blessing upon (another or others)
  2. To confer well-being upon; bestow happiness prosperity, or good of any kind upon; make happy, prosperous, or fortunate.
  3. To favour (with); make happy or fortunate by some specified means.
  4. To consecrate or set apart to holy or sacred purposes; make or pronounce holy: formerly occasionally used of persons.
  5. To consecrate (a thing) by a religious rite.
  6. To praise or extol (or) as holy or worthy of reverence, or (b) as the giver of benefits; extol or glorify with thankful acknowledgment of benefits received.
  7. To esteem or account happy; congratulate; felicitate : used reflexively.
Imperative example
Shona English
komborera bless (singular)
komborerai bless (plural)
Simple future tense example
Shona English
Ndicha komborera I will bless
ucha komborera you will bless (singular)
mucha komborera you will bless (plural)
acha komborera he/she will bless
ticha komborera we will bless
vacha komborera they will bless
chicha komborera it will bless
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