• Shona word zhena in the Shona Dictionary


  • verb
  • dialects/origins: Standard Shona
English translation
To fixx the eyes in a steady and earnest look; to look with eagerness or curiosity, as in admiration, astonishment, or with studious attention.
Imperative example
Shona English
zhena gaze (singular)
zhenai gaze (plural)
Simple future tense example
Shona English
Ndicha zhena I will gaze
ucha zhena you will gaze (singular)
mucha zhena you will gaze (plural)
acha zhena he/she will gaze
ticha zhena we will gaze
vacha zhena they will gaze
chicha zhena it will gaze
last updated: Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 10:29:19 PM Central European Summer Time

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