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  • noun , class(5)
  • synonyms:
  • dialects/origins: Manyika
English translation
A more or less spherical and transparent mass of granular protoplasm, which by a process of multiplication and growth develops into a mass of cells, constituting a new individual like the parent; an egg, spore, germ, or germ cell. See Illust. of Mycropyle.
Demonstrative determiners example
Shona English
zanda iri this ovum
zanda iro that ovum
Possessive pronouns example
Shona English
zanda rangu my ovum
zanda rako your ovum (singular)
zanda renyu your ovum (plural)
zanda rake his/her ovum
zanda redu our ovum
zanda racho its ovum
zanda ravo their ovum
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