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  • verb
  • synonyms: ,
  • dialects/origins: Zezuru
English translation
1. To fail to reach or attain; come short of, or go aside or deviate from, as what is aimed at, expected, or desired; fail to hit, catch, or grasp.

2. To fail or come short of, as from lack of capacity or opportunity ; fail to be, find, attain to, or accomplish (what one might or shoidd have been, found, attained to, or accomplished).

3. To fail to find, get, or keep ; come short of having or receiving; fail to obtain or enjoy.

4. To fail to note, perceive, or observe; overlook or disregard: as, to miss the best points of a play.

5. To escape ; succeed in avoidiug.

6. To omit; leave out; skip, as a word in reciting or a note in singing.
Imperative example
Shona English
potsa miss (singular)
potsai miss (plural)
Simple future tense example
Shona English
Ndicha potsa I will miss
ucha potsa you will miss (singular)
mucha potsa you will miss (plural)
acha potsa he/she will miss
ticha potsa we will miss
vacha potsa they will miss
chicha potsa it will miss
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