English translation
  1. To perceive by the eye ; become aware of (an object) by means of light-waves emitted by it or reflected from it to the organs of sight.
  2. To examine with the eyes; view; observe ; inspect.
  3. To perceive mentally; discern; form a conception or idea of; distinguish; understand; comprehend.
  4. To keep in sight; take care of; watch over; protect.
  5. To bring about as a result; superintend the execution or the performance of a thing so as to effect (a specified result); make sure: with an object-clause with kuti specifying the result.
    Ona kuti mwana arara.
  6. To call on; visit; have an interview with.
  7. To meet and speak with; receive.
  8. To consult for a particular purpose; sometimes, euphemistically, to consult as a lobbyist for the purpose of influencing by a bribe or the like.
  9. To find out; learn by observation or experience.
  10. To feel; suffer; experience; know by personal experience.
  11. To have the power of perceiving by the eye; have the power of sight; perceive or discern objects or their apparent qualities by the organs of sight.
  12. To perceive mentally; apprehend; discern. understand.
Imperative example
Shona English
ona see (singular)
onai see (plural)
Simple future tense example
Shona English
Ndicha ona I will see
ucha ona you will see (singular)
mucha ona you will see (plural)
acha ona he/she will see
ticha ona we will see
vacha ona they will see
chicha ona it will see
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