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  • noun , class(12)
  • stem :
  • dialects/origins: Standard Shona
English translation
An inflammation of the fingers or toes, generally of the last phalanx, terminating usually in suppuration. The inflammation may occupy any seat between the skin and the bone, but is usually applied to a felon or inflammation of the periosteal structures of the bone.
Demonstrative determiners example
Shona English
katuruturu aka this whitlow
katuruturu ako that whitlow
Possessive pronouns example
Shona English
katuruturu kangu my whitlow
katuruturu kako your whitlow (singular)
katuruturu kenyu your whitlow (plural)
katuruturu kake his/her whitlow
katuruturu kedu our whitlow
katuruturu kacho its whitlow
katuruturu kavo their whitlow
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