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English translation
1. A declaration in reference to the future, whether written or verbal, made by one person to another, purporting to assure the latter that the former will do or forebear from a specified act, or cause it to be done or refrained from; a declaration intended to give to the person to whom it is made assurance of his right to expect from the promiser the thing promised; especially, a declaration that something shall lie (tone or given for the benefit of the promisee or another.

2. Ground or basis of expectation; earnest; pledge.

3. That which affords a ground or basis for hope or for expectation of future excellence or distinction.

4. That which is promised; fulfilment or grant of what is promised.
Demonstrative determiners example
Shona English
chitsidzo ichi this promise
chitsidzo icho that promise
Possessive pronouns example
Shona English
chitsidzo changu my promise
chitsidzo chako your promise (singular)
chitsidzo chenyu your promise (plural)
chitsidzo chake his/her promise
chitsidzo chedu our promise
chitsidzo chacho its promise
chitsidzo chavo their promise
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