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English translation
  1. Breath; spirit; specifically, the breath; the spirit; the soul of man.
  2. The soul of a dead person ; the soul or spirit separate from the body; more especially, a disembodied spirit imagined as wandering among or haunting living persons ; a human spectre or apparition.
  3. A spirit; a demon.
  4. A spirit in general; an unearthly spectre or apparition.
Demonstrative determiners example
Shona English
chipoko ichi this ghost
chipoko icho that ghost
Possessive pronouns example
Shona English
chipoko changu my ghost
chipoko chako your ghost (singular)
chipoko chenyu your ghost (plural)
chipoko chake his/her ghost
chipoko chedu our ghost
chipoko chacho its ghost
chipoko chavo their ghost
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