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English translation
  1. A statement or fact tending to produce belief concerning a matter in doubt; a premise or premises set forth in order to prove an assumption or conclusion.
  2. A reasoning; the process by which the connection between that which is or is supposed to be admitted and that which is doubted or supposed to need confirmation is traced or tested.
  3. An address or composition made for the purpose of producing belief or conviction by reasoning or persuasion.
  4. A series of argumentations for and against a proposition; a debate.
  5. The subject-matter or groundwork of a discourse or writing; specifically, an abstract or summary of the chief points in a book or section of a book.
  6. Matter of contention, controversy, or conversation.
  7. In mathematics : (a) Of an imaginary quantity, the coefficient of the imaginary unit in its logarithm, (b) The angle or quantity on which a series of numbers in a numerical table depends and with which the table is entered.
  8. Proof; evidence.
Demonstrative determiners example
Shona English
bopoto iri this argument
bopoto iro that argument
Possessive pronouns example
Shona English
bopoto rangu my argument
bopoto rako your argument (singular)
bopoto renyu your argument (plural)
bopoto rake his/her argument
bopoto redu our argument
bopoto racho its argument
bopoto ravo their argument
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