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English translation
The disease is an eruption of wheals, occurring as an idiosyncrasy in some persons after eating shell-fish, certain fruits, or other food, and almost always dependent upon some gastric derangement. The wheals are indurated elevations of the skin, of varying; size, whitish on the top (the swelling having forced the blood out of the capillaries of the skin),and surrounded hy a reddened zone. They give rise to intense itching, especially when on the covered parts of the body. They appear suddenly and pass away with equal rapidity, one or more crops often coming and going in the course of a single day.
Demonstrative determiners example
Shona English
munyaviri uwu this urticaria hive
munyaviri uwo that urticaria hive
Possessive pronouns example
Shona English
munyaviri wangu my urticaria hive
munyaviri wako your urticaria hive (singular)
munyaviri wenyu your urticaria hive (plural)
munyaviri wake his/her urticaria hive
munyaviri wedu our urticaria hive
munyaviri wacho its urticaria hive
munyaviri wavo their urticaria hive
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