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  • noun , class(9)
  • synonyms:
  • dialects/origins: Standard Shona
English translation
1. A sweet crystalline substance, prepared chiefly from the expressed juice of the sugar-cane, Saccharum officinarum and of the sugar-beet, but obtained also from a great variety of other plants, as maple, maize, sorghum, birch, and parsnip.

2. The general name of certain chemical compounds belonging to the group of carbohydrates.

3. Something that resembles sugar in any of its properties.

4. Figuratively, sweet, honeyed, or soothing words; flattery employed to disguise something; distasteful.
Demonstrative determiners example
Shona English
tsvigiri iyi this sugar
tsvigiri iyo that sugar
Possessive pronouns example
Shona English
tsvigiri yangu my sugar
tsvigiri yako your sugar (singular)
tsvigiri yenyu your sugar (plural)
tsvigiri yake his/her sugar
tsvigiri yedu our sugar
tsvigiri yacho its sugar
tsvigiri yavo their sugar
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