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English translation
  1. To bear, convey, or take along in coming; take to the place where the receiver is, or where the bearer stays or abides;
  2. To cause to come or accrue; be the means of conveying possession of ; impart ; devolve upon.
  3. To cause to come or pass, as to a new place, state, or condition; impel; draw on; lead.
  4. To aid in coming or passing, as to one's home or destination ; conduct ; attend ; accompany.
  5. To convey or put forth as a product; bear or be the bearer of ; yield.
  6. To convey to the mind or knowledge; make known on coming, or coming before one; bear or impart a declaration of.
  7. To fetch or put forward before a tribunal make a presentation of; institute; declare in or as if in court.
Imperative example
Shona English
unza bring (singular)
unzai bring (plural)
Simple future tense example
Shona English
Ndicha unza I will bring
ucha unza you will bring (singular)
mucha unza you will bring (plural)
acha unza he/she will bring
ticha unza we will bring
vacha unza they will bring
chicha unza it will bring
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