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  • noun , class(9)
  • synonyms:
  • dialects/origins: Karanga, Manyika, Zezuru
English translation
memorial service
A ceremony to commemorate the life of a person who has recently passed away.
English translation
The act of consoling; the state of being consoled; alleviation of misery or distress of mind; refreshment of spirit; comfort; that which consoles or comforts the spirit.
Demonstrative determiners example
Shona English
nyaradzo iyi this memorial service
nyaradzo iyo that memorial service
Possessive pronouns example
Shona English
nyaradzo yangu my memorial service
nyaradzo yako your memorial service (singular)
nyaradzo yenyu your memorial service (plural)
nyaradzo yake his/her memorial service
nyaradzo yedu our memorial service
nyaradzo yacho its memorial service
nyaradzo yavo their memorial service
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