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  • noun , class(3)
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  • dialects/origins: Karanga, Korekore, Zezuru
  1. The visible heat, or light, evolved by the action of a high temperature on certain bodies, which are in consequence styled inflammable or combustible; combustion, or the heat and light evolved during the process of combustion.
  2. Fuel in a state of combustion, as on a hearth or the ground, or in a grate, stove, or furnace; a burning mass of material lighted for the sake of warmth or for the utilization of the heat or light from it.
  3. The burning of any large collection of material, as a building, town, forest, etc.
  4. A Spark or sparks; specifically, a spark, as from red-hot iron, or from flint or other stones when struck.
  5. Flashing light; vivid luster; splendor.
  6. A sensation of internal heat arising from either a physical or a mental cause; an inflammatory process or effect.
  7. Ardor; burning desire; passionate love for something.
  8. Consuming violence, as of temper; fierceness; vehemence.
  9. Liveliness of imagination; vigor of fancy; force of sentiment or expression; capacity for ardor and zeal; animation; vivacity.
  10. Subjection to evil effects of any kind; especially, overwhelming trouble; severe trial.
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