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1. To perform; execute; achieve; carry out; effect by action or exertion; bring to pass by procedure of any kind: as, che ku ita: ku ita basa.

2. To treat or act in regard to (an object) so as to perform or effect the action required by the nature of the case : as, ku ita basa ne chimwe chinhu; ku ita vhudzi ra nhingi; ku ita nyama; ku ita zve chikoro.

3. To perform some act imparting or causing (some effect or result), or manifesting (some intention, purpose, or feeling); afford or cause by action, or as a consequence of action ; cause; effect; render; offer; show.
Ku ita zvaka naka.

4. To bring to a conclusion; complete; finish: as, zva itwa.

5. To deliver; convey.

6. To impart; give; grant; afford.

7. To serve.

8. To put forth ; use in effecting something; exert.

9. To cause: make: with an object and an infinitive.

10. To cause: with kuti.
Ita kuti mwana arare.

II. 1. To act; be in action; be active in performing or accomplishing; exert one's self in relation to something.

2. To act or behave ; conduct one's self : with adverbial adjuncts indicating manner of acting.

3. To succeed (well or ill) in some undertaking or action ; get along ; come through.

4. To arrange; contrive; shift: as, Tiri ku ita sei pa chikafu.
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  • verb
  • dialects/origins: Standard Shona
To carry on to a final close; to bring out into a perfected state; to accomplish; to perform; – as, to achieve a feat, an exploit, an enterprise.
English translation
last updated: Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 4:29:19 PM GMT-04:00

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