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  1. The innermost planet of the solar system. Its mean distance from the sun is 0.387 that of the earth. The inclination (7 degrees) and the eccentricity (0.2066) of its orbit are exceeded only by some of the minor planets. Its diameter is only 3,000 miles, or about 35 of that of the earth; its volume is to that of the earth as 1 to 18.5. It performs its sidereal revolution in 88 days, its synodical in 116. Its proximity to the sun prevents its being often seen with the naked eye. The mass of Mercury, is 3.3 × 1023, is less than that of any other planet (asteroids excepted). It rotates on its axis in the same way as the moon does, once in each orbital revolution.
  2. Chemical symbol. Hg; atomic weight, 200.1. A metal of a silver-white colour and brilliant metallic lustre, unique in that it is fluid at ordinary temperatures.
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