Chisi hachi yeri musi wacha rimwa.

Shona proverb

  • verb,
  • variant: rovora, rowora,
1. To unite in wedlock or matrimony ; join for life, as a man and a woman, or a man or woman to one of the opposite sex; constitute man and wife, or a husband or wife, according to the laws or customs of a nation.

2. To take for husband or wife.
Murume ano roora mukadzi.

3. Figuratively, to unite intimately or by some close bond of connection.

II. To enter into the conjugal state; take a husband or a wife.
Ndicha roora kana nd'apedza chikoro.

English translation

Verb example: roora

Infinitive: kuroora


Ndi Ndino rooraI I marry
u uno roorayou you marry
a ano roorahe/she he/she marry(s)
ti tino roorawe we marry
mu muno roorayou (plural/respectful) you marry
va vano roorathey they marry

Present Continuous

Ndi Ndiri kurooraI I am marrying
u uri kuroorayou you are marrying
a ari kuroorahe/she he/she is marrying
ti tiri kuroorawe we are marrying
mu muri kuroorayou (plural/respectful) you are marrying
va vari kuroorathey they are marrying


Ndi Ndaka rooraI I
u aka roorayou you
a aka roorahe/she he/she
ti taka roorawe we
mu maka roorayou (plural/respectful) you
va vaka roorathey they

Imperfect (Today)

Ndi NdI I
u you you
a he/she he/she
ti twe we
mu myou (plural/respectful) you
va vthey they


Ndi Ndicha rooraI I will marry
u ucha roorayou you will marry
a acha roorahe/she he/she will marry
ti ticha roorawe we will marry
mu mucha roorayou (plural/respectful) you will marry
va vacha roorathey they will marry


u roorayou marry
mu rooraiyou (plural/respectful) marry